The D-BEAR YOUTH FOUNDATION was founded by Robert “Midget” Molley, aka Hakeem Abdul-Shaheed, in May of 2006 while housed on death row at the United States Federal Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Midget Molley, the name Hakeem is well-known by, spent a total of 30-years of his life in and out of correctional institutions, recently completing a 20-year federal sentence.

While incarcerated, Midget Molley lost a number of family members; most devastating of them all was his son, Michael D-BEAR” Demps who, along with three of his companions, were gunned down by a one-time friend while at a traffic-light in 2000.

The news of a dead son, after having lost his mother, two sisters and all his aunts and uncles while incarcerated, sent Mr. Molley into a bloody rage, vowing total retaliation.
However his form of justice would have to wait until his release, which was six years away…

By June 14, 2006, the day Midget Molley was released from prison, he had become a man on a mission, not a mission to spread death and destruction but, rather, a man prepared to see that his son live forever through an organization named in his honor; An organization dedicated to steering students and At Risk Youths away from a culture of gangs, drugs and promiscuous sex.

Through its program, The Streets Is A Lie, the organization, D-BEAR YOUTH FOUNDATION, offers proven solutions for real life challenges which face our young people today.  

The program is based on Reality Therapy, which explains that all our behavior is total behavior, made up of four components, 1). acting, 2). thinking, 3). feeling, and 4). physiology.

The D-BEAR YOUTH FOUNDATION, under the passionate leadership of Robert “Midget” Molley, extends its knowledge and wisdom, as well as its services, to all who wish to see our students and At Risk Youths become productive citizens in our communities and our society.


The D.B.Y.F. Staff